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Tania's Approach to Therapy



My Values in Practice;

"Trust in Yourself, Embrace your Knowing, Kindness of Self"


I am professionally trained, skilled and experienced in psychotherapy and counselling from a theoretical and experiential point of view.  My approach is client-centered, acknowledging you and your needs, goals, and desires.


In my therapy practice I utilize my personal and professional knowledge to help me connect to what is in front of me.  I have a deep interest in human behaviour and a passion for healing.  My training and knowledge of the human body and mind, from my yoga training and teaching, and my learning and experience with Mindfulness Practice provides skills that aid the therapeutic enviornment, particularly in dealing with trauma. 


I consider this work one of reciprocal growth: as I witness growth it inspires me to evolve.  I continually research new techniques and approaches that can help my client, and myself and my therapeutic practice.


One of the greatest gifts I can offer my client(s) is being present and to listen with loving-kindness as they journey and explore the many facets of their lives.  What I have learned through my own personal growth is that through expressing emotions, thoughts and experiences we can observe and learn to witness the influence they have had on our behaviours, attitudes and perceptions. 


I believe every person is doing the best they can in their life, and it is my job to listen, guide and challenge them through their unique healing process.  It is not my agenda at play in any session, it is the agenda of the client and what the client needs in the moment and, together we will devise a collabrative therapeutic approach and walk the steps together. 


My goal is to support you so that you can live your life in an authentic and practical way that is comforting to you.  During and after the process of healing I am available to provide you with the support you need to take the action steps required to bring your new perceptions into action.


Ultimately "You are your best healer" and therapy can help you develop new skills and insights to connect to the part of you that knows what you need.  Sometimes it takes a short time, and sometimes it takes a little longer, but as long as you are willing to try, the benefits can sometimes be immeasurable.


I am looking forward to meeting you.



Tania E. Kingston, RP, RPC 

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Professional Counsellor

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