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What is it?

Psychotherapy is conducted with individuals, groups, couples and families.


A psychotherapist is someone who engages clients in order to help the client explore ways to improve their quality of life, satisfaction in relationships, societal demands, performance in work or play, general health and well-being.


Psychotherapists have diverse educational and training backgrounds.  Some psychotherapeutic approaches are:


  • emotional-focused therapy (EFT)

  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

  • psychoanalytic therapy

  • systemic and family psychotherapy

  • art and play therapies

  • humanistic and integrative psychotherapies

  • hypno-psychotherapy

  • experiential therapies

  • client-centered psychotherapies

  • gestalt psychotherapies

  • sensorimotor psychotherapies

  • spiritual psychotherapies


How can it help?

Psychotherapy helps you explore and understand your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs.  Through exploration we learn how they impact and influence the way you think about yourself, others and your life. 


See if you would describe any of the following as the state you currently find yourself in:


  • Anxious or Worried

  • Stressed or Unable to Relax

  • In mourning (Grief)

  • Feeling lost and directionless

  • Overwhelming feelings, such as anger, sadness, depressed

  • Personal crisis, unable to deal with the demands of life

  • Confusion, unable to make choices

  • Lost, not certain where life is going

  • Disappointed, work or career feel empty

  • Uncertain, about life direction and purpose

  • Afraid, to give voice to needs and desires

  • Joy, cannot find it.  Life feels heavy


Psychotherapy provides a safe space to explore aspects of your entire life and about things that may be affecting you now.  It provides a space to work through your emotional distress and think about what might have caused it.  It can help us to make sense of how we got to where we are now and to face some of the feelings and fears we may have hidden from ourselves.


Psychotherapy is not about the psychotherapist giving advice, rather getting to know you, helping you work out how you might want things to be different and to create that change.  It is a guided journey to a deeper understanding and connection with yourself and all the people you are in relationship with, personally and professionally.


How does it work?

Our role as a psychotherapist is to facilitate your journey of self-discovery.  We practice the art of holding the space for you to feel, process, release and take the action steps towards awareness, acceptance and change. 


Psychotherapy is a method of communication aimed to bring into awareness those ways of being which are unconscious or denied.  Psychotherapy may help you to understand your life from various perspectives and vantage points.  It helps us to step back from our life and view it differently.  As you explore issues deeply in an open-ended time frame, your mind and body has an opportunity to open up to what you may be holding back.  The process of therapy involves learning how to connect with your own feelings and learning that you are the one in charge of them. 

Talking with a qualified and professional psychotherapist or counsellor can support you through this process and through difficult times and may help you create change in your life.   Therapy can provide hope that life can and will get better.  It can also offer a place to work out specific issues and find solutions and answers to your questions.


It involves forming a relationship in a safe, caring and non-judgemental environment.  We were wounded in relationships so the best place to heal is in a trusting, embracing, loving-kindness relationship. 


While our past shapes our beliefs and patterns, we believe it is important to stay present to what triggers you.  For example, you react the same way to your mother even though you know it is not working for you and you walk away feeling frustrated and not heard, once again.  By looking into your past you can learn where this pattern began.  Once you learn the source of the belief or pattern you hold, you can then learn that it is possible to make different choices, and then reprogram yourself to respond in ways that ultimately benefit you.  

"Psychotherapy can help us to be the best version of ourselves in all aspects of our lives." ~ Tania E. Kingston

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